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Hello, and welcome to the home of the New England
Weather Spotters Network.

Support the Spotters

While most of the interaction is through an Email list, this site provides information for the spotters and also tools for submitting weather "observations." One shortcoming of having spotters report directly to, is that it doesn't allow interaction between spotters. In fact, most of the web site exists because of spotters working together and sharing their enthusiasm for New England weather.
Keep up with Technology

The first spotters filed reports by telephone. I created email lists that are now the primary source. Web forms and automated posts are now becoming important as they offer ways to automatically consolidate reports. This all meshes well with the current generation of weather stations that connect to home computers and email software.
Attract more Spotters

That you're reading this means you are interested in the weather. If you have an accurate thermometer, simple rain gauge, and a desire to help us provide you with the best weather reports in New England, well, we'd love your help. You don't need a computer, as the telephone still works!
I'm reluctant to refer to "my spotters" because they aren't "mine" They're all volunteers and often go way beyond the call of duty. I continuously marvel at their dedication and skills and owe them an ever increasing debt of gratitude.