To the dedicated weather spotters of New England, on behalf of the NEWX , thank you for your continuous efforts in live weather spotting. You are all doing and continue to do a super job! Without your help and reports we would not be the great group we are! Your time and effort are much appreciated by the NEWX team.



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Behind the scenes of the weather spotter group are a few individuals who "pull it all together."

I'm Ric Werme, the resident computer geek. My weather interests go back to growing up in the northeast Ohio snowbelt, augmented with a brush with a couple hurricanes, my father's Navy flying weather books, and a lifelong love of playing with water. My computer interests go back nearly as far, apparently programming computers is what I was born to do. Here I get to play with weather and software at the same time!

My involvement here started started in a predecessor group where I could read Gray Gray's hurricane forecasts, expanded with Jim Corbin's concept of Snow Depth Days, and increased further when I got a weather station that didn't come with Linux software. Once I rectified that, then I wrote code to post my data to the group, and now I'm in a phase to gather members' data and make it conveniently available to all of us.

Hi, I'm Vicki, weather spotter from Framingham, MA and one of the group moderators. I'm very excited to be a member of the WHDH weather spotter team. My interest in weather goes back to 4th grade when I built my first weather station for a science fair. My family knows exactly where to find me during any weather event - either outside in the middle of it or with my nose pressed up against the window. I also love computers and have been working with them since the first word processing system came out in the 1970s - back when a word processor took up an entire room.

In 2000 I began my own company, A2Z Word Works. Since that time I have learned to wear many hats. They range from Web Designer to Managing Editor for a quarterly nurse practitioner publication to Project Manager and Creative Documentation Specialist for my largest client, First Wellesley Consulting Group, Inc., a national consulting firm specializing in mortgage and banking industries. I love the variety and am thrilled to be able to add WHDH weather spotter to that list and also to be a part of the team that made this web site happen.

Derek is currently a Computer Network Engineer and an active weather spotter. He has been working in the technology field for over 8 years. Derek has always been interested in weather and stays very active in weather both professionally and as a hobby.

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