Storm Photographs

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Photographs of Damage Caused by the F2 Tornado in Wendell, MA on July 11, 2006.

The following pictures are the aftermath of the destruction caused by an F2 tornado that touched down in Wendell, Mass on July 11th,2006. A Wendell resident Jonathan Dorr, showed me a pile of rubble were a two story barn once stood. The dimensions were app 24'x36' and now the debris is strewn about over a 300' radius. Someone pulled a goat from the pile of rubble and is reported alive and doing well . (DSC00062) To show the force of a F2 tornado I took a picture of a wooden beam from the barns roof that was driven into a maple tree with such force that it split the tree trunk!(DSC00061) Across the road another barn had it's roof torn off.(DSC00056) Many trees were toppled and snapped off at the tops.(DSC00064) The towns cemetery had a large up rooted tree that crushed a fence and head stones.(DSC00070)

Tony Sironaitis
Tully / North Orange, Ma