Becoming a New England Weather Spotter is easy! Simply follow this link to our request form.

Training and Equipment
Spotters do not require any specialized training. The only thing you need, in addition to a keen interest in the weather, is an accurate thermometer and a simple rain gauge. If you would like suggestions on where to purchase this equipment, please go to our links page. Along with a variety of weather instruments, Robert E. White Instruments offers discounted beginner weather spotter kits to our spotters.

Initially, observations will be reported by filling in the data on a form. You might also like to expound on your reports by posting to the Neweather yahoo group. Reports can be as often as is convenient for you. The most helpful time to report observations is very early in the morning when you first get up, and then throughout the day when convenient, and all night when you happen to be "up" and about!

Automated Reporting
Although we like individualized reporting with commentary along with numeric data, automated reporting is permitted. We are planning changes that will bypass the Yahoo group mail list and update a web page with your latest data. Until then, please limit automated reports to three hour intervals. However, when conditions warrant, e.g. during a storm or heat wave, more frequent automated (and manual!) reports are welcome.

We will never release weather spotter personal information to the group or place it on line. Also, we ask spotters not to post personal information. If they do, they may be banned from the spotter area. Should spotters choose to release personal information to others privately, they must understand that they do so at their own risk.


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